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The Impact of Life Coaching

The Impact of Life Coaching

“Does personal life coaching really work?” “If you need help, shouldn’t you go to a therapist?” “Life coaching is just the latest fad.” There you have it. Skeptics.

Those are all questions and statements that are common when it comes to the effectiveness of life coaching. The answer to all those questions is, “Yes. Life coaching works!”

Personal life coaching has a great impact on the lives of people that follow through with their coaching experience. There are even studies that have been done on the impact of life coaching. And the consensus is yes, life coaching leaves people happier, able to achieve goals and with a better quality of life.

The study that I would like to share with you was done by the International Coach Federation: Wisconsin Charter Chapter. They took a group of former United States Interns and put them through a three-month coaching program. There were two groups: One that received life coaching and one that didn’t.

“The results showed that those who received coaching increased their life satisfaction and improved their personal growth. Those in the control group, who did not receive any coaching, did not improve their life satisfaction or their personal growth initiative over that time.” ~ International Coach Federation: Wisconsin Charter Chapter

There were five key components that came out of the study:

  1. Life coaching makes a significant difference in one’s overall life satisfaction.
  2. Coaching appears to be an effective approach to goal attainment and personal development.
  3. The coaching experience helped clients be more effective by teaching them how to set concrete, measurable goals made up of specific and manageable steps instead of being overwhelmed by large tasks that seemed too daunting or overwhelming to undertake.
  4. Using a collaborative effort to help the client identify and take action on creating change in his life seems to be effective based on the research results.
  5. Asking challenging questions to encourage the client to look at new ways to seek different solutions to problems seems to be a key element of effective coaching.

The Benefits of Life Coaching

Over the past 10 years life coaching has become increasingly popular. We live in such a fast-paced society that it is hard for people to learn how to slow down on their own. Having a lot of money or a lot of “things” does not make you happy. Even though that is a popular notion.

There are many benefits that come from coaching. Just to name a few:

  • Clarity – Getting clear on what you want in life is half the battle. Coaching helps you stay focused and gain clarity.

  • Accountability – Sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable for the goals you set. Life coaching provides you with a person that cares about you and what you want to accomplish. They will keep you on track and be your own personal cheerleader.

  • Personal Development – Life coaching can be challenging. But, it can also be fun! You will be taking an honest look at yourself and challenged to push past obstacles. Yet, you will have someone by your side the entire time.

Overall, life coaching helps you to live a better life!

Have you experienced coaching? Was it beneficial?

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